was started by the owner, Chad Rupert, in July of 2010. Chad came from a long background of service, first to his country as a Marine Corps officer and then to the state of Georgia as a GIS Manager at the South Georgia Regional Development Center (5 yrs) and then later at the University of Georgia's Carl Vinson Institute of Government (11 yrs). With over 16 years of local government GIS service in Georgia, Chad has imparted his passion for providing valuable assistance to local governments into his company, Since inception, has experienced rapid growth and our family of satisfied clients grows sometimes on a weekly basis. We believe our growth can be directly attributed to the quality of service we provide and the unique solutions we develop. We always strive to exceed expectations and never take a client for granted.

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What our clients are saying . . .

"Chad has done outstanding work for Dooly County. When training, he has a way of making even the most inexperienced person grasp enough to be able to utilize GIS. He has an uncanny ability that allows him to really know GIS but be able to dumb it down so even I can use it".

- Jimmy Lockerman, Chief Appraiser, Dooly County

"At qPublic, we love working with Chad Rupert, and look forward to working with his company, GIS1, for years to come. Chad makes sure things are done properly. He works hard, and he delivers. I think Chad's biggest asset is his integrity. He always strives to make sure everything is correct and always takes time to communicate any limitations, etc in the data so that you know what you have in your product. You'll be on solid ground when you're working with GIS1."

- Steve Lehr, President qPublic