At, YOU are the priority! At you never have to compete against state agencies such as DCA or DOT for our attention. You won't take a back seat to our civil engineering department, because we do one thing and that's provide GIS service to local government. We're a constantly improving and evolving company that tries to take you to the leading, but not bleeding, edge of technology. We actively develop new and creative GIS based solutions to your everyday problems while maintaining your data with sound, time proven, techniques. 2 Our latest creation is the Addition Finder and Accessory Finder processes that are designed to help the county tax assessor's office locate unrecorded real estate improvements and increase uniformity within the county. The GIS layers created during this process can also be utilized by many other county departments including planning, zoning, law enforcement and 911. We encourage you to ask our existing clients about the quality of our work, service, and support. Challenge us to meet your GIS needs and you won't be disappointed.

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What our clients are saying . . .

"Chad has done outstanding work for Dooly County. When training, he has a way of making even the most inexperienced person grasp enough to be able to utilize GIS. He has an uncanny ability that allows him to really know GIS but be able to dumb it down so even I can use it".

- Jimmy Lockerman, Chief Appraiser, Dooly County

"At qPublic, we love working with Chad Rupert, and look forward to working with his company, GIS1, for years to come. Chad makes sure things are done properly. He works hard, and he delivers. I think Chad's biggest asset is his integrity. He always strives to make sure everything is correct and always takes time to communicate any limitations, etc in the data so that you know what you have in your product. You'll be on solid ground when you're working with GIS1."

- Steve Lehr, President qPublic